Custom resin tic tac board that doubles as a wine glass holder. The Lite version is sturdy enough to hold 9 empty wine glasses. The Full version is sturdy enough to hold 9 full wine glasses.


Size: The board is 12 x 12in. Inside squares are 3.5 x 3.5in. The full version is approximately 0.75 inches thick. The lite version is approximately 0.4 inches thick.


1) Include all the colors you would like to have on the board. And the color for the X and O pieces. 
2) Can be made with or without glitter. Please let me know if you would like glitter or not. 
3) If you have an image you would like, please message me the image. 

If you would like something fully custom, please message me.

Tic Tac Toe (3 Versions)

    Treat like glass 
    Hand wash only
    Not dishwasher safe
    Not microwave safe
    Do not soak
    Avoid Extreme heat
    Do not Drop

    Please keep in mind that these pieces are handmade. There may be small imperfections, defects, and bubbles in the final product. I will never send out a product that is below my quality standards.